If your bedtime stories were merely keywords.

If your favourite protagonist was simply a synopsis.

If our mythologies were just skeletal flowcharts.


Thank existence we are Human Beings.



Do you think consumers are metrics?

Just eyeballs with algorithms?

Just fingers with bank accounts?


I hope you know this:

There’s a human behind that screen.



Was a word.

In the end was a word.

In the middle was a story which changed the world.



Believes in success

It has to be inspiring.

If it believes in innovation

It has to be creative.

If it believes in influence

It has to have personality.

If it believes in change,

It has to have a story.



I am a copywriter, and I can help you narrate, create and sell.

Here are my services and some samples:





My writing career began with scribbling secret love letters to a girl who was two years elder to me. I was twelve then, and my passionate relationship with writing has thrived ever since.
I am a content writer who soon hopes to publish fiction as well.When I write, my aim is to make the reader realize that if some black-and-white marks on their digital screens have the power to make them sit up and wonder, then their actions in the real world can give flesh to any fantasy.


I like to work as an ally rather than just an employee.


I write:

  • Blog posts which make readers drink numerous cups of coffee, pondering about things they should care about. (example)
  • Website copy which makes a person grab the stranger sitting beside her and say, “You gotta read this.” (example)
  • Social media posts which provoke conversations not controversies. (Infographics)
  • White Papers with in-depth data (example)
  • Articles about both pressing concerns and light-hearted banter. (example)

I specialize in the Education, Productivity, Lifestyle and Psychology niches.

Since I am a literature graduate and a post-graduate in psychology, I seek to apply narrative psychology and use Jungian archetypes to improve the copywriting strategy employed in the industry.

Here are my personal blogs:

The Mad Babbling Baboon

3 Headed Orka

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